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Rockstars that look like Actor Stars

The Following are some of my casting suggestions and movie titles if they ever happen to make bio-pics on the following famous bands.

1) I’m a Pepper you’re a Pepper : The Red Hot Chili Peppers Story.

Will Ferell as  chili peppers drummer Chad Smith. Good Ferrel put his nuts on those drums in Step Brothers!

2)  Petty in Pink : The Tom Petty Movie

John Heder as  Tom Petty. , Can I also suggest Uncle Rico and Kip in character as members of the Heartbreakers.

3) Same as it ever Was : The Talking Heads 

Christian Bale as  David Byrne, you loved him in The Fighter, now see him wearing an oversized suit,

Bonus tag line : This movie event only happens once in a lifetime!

4) Jim Carey as Jimmy Eat World front man Jim Adkins in:

   Goodbye Sky Harbor, based on the long running off Broadway play “Jim on Jim" : 



Celebrities I look like

Throughout my life many people have said that I have a similar look to some pretty famous faces. I though it would be fun to run down the list of the most common a

1) Adam Sandler: I’ve been getting this one since I was 9 , I always took it as a compliment  because He’s funny. I loved SNL and his early movies ,though I could have done without him making ” You don’t mess with the Zohan” and “Grown Up’s”.) Overall The Sandman is ok in my book and I always figured it could be worse, someone could have told me I looked like  Chris Katan

2) Jason Biggs, This one started around 1999 when the first American Pie Movie came out. At first I was a bit reluctant to embrace looking like a guy who had sex with a pie in a movie but then he really changed all that when he made the hit movie Eight Below, I mean who wouldn’t want to look like one of the “Eight Below” cast!!!???????

                 (Me as Jason Biggs as Adam Sandler - Halloween 2007)

3) (McLovin) , I usually only get this one at bars when people are drunk.I remember on one particular occasion, It was my last day as an Intern at MTV and the whole staff went out to the bar, One dude asked me to get into one of there group pictures because and I quote ” That guy looks like McSloven, lets get him in this photo” he went on to ask me as followed : ” Hey Mcsloven get in this photo!”. Well I didn’t take that much offense because though I worked on the same floor as that guy for 5 months he was mearly only an executive assistant and he probably still is (Shout out to all ya’ll drunk Executive Assistant at MTV) 

4) The Maid from the Brady Bunch: No one has ever said I look like the maid from the Brady Bunch but I always felt like I could pull it off  if I put on an apron and a wig.  Quite frankly I’m surprised I’m the only one who has ever picked up on it.

5) This one isn’t really a celebrity or even a human , and I don’t feel that I look like it at all but I couldn’t resist including it, I mean look how cute it is.

- Greg


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